Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water –  For All Your Needs!

By switching to solar hot water can help you to slash or your power bills.  A solar hot water system can be used to heat the water for your shower or bath and save you money on your power bills.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Energy efficiency involves conserving your electrical energy and you could save money with solar hot water. You can also sell the excess solar power back to the grid. Avoid wasting power by switching off lights when not needed. Switching to solar energy efficient lighting will also help slash power bills by using free solar energy. Energy efficient can save you a lot of money and you can use the excess solar energy produced on those cold winter night for heating. During the summer months when you experience the extreme heat you could have air conditioner running without the thought of huge costs.


Split hot water system – How it works

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water split system

You may find this interesting… it is how a  solar hot water split system works Water heating accounts for around 23 % of household emissions and 33% on the price of your electricity bills. Installing a solar hot water system can slash your electricity bills by using solar energy each year.

Solar Hot Water can come as a split system where the water tank is on the ground, while solar panels are on the roof as in the picture above, however there is another type and this is a complete unit that is mounted on the roof. See the video on how to make your own solar hot water system and cut your electricity bill with the help of free energy.

How to build your own Solar Panel

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Solar Hot Water

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